One thought on “First blog post

  1. Welcome to my blog!

    My new book, “Project and Program Turnaround” is being published by Taylor & Francis – CRC. It was released December 15, 2016.

    This book was derived from my passion to help all programs and projects work at their highest potential and to succeed. Focus is given to navigating that critical transition from new idea to successful implementation that all new projects and programs must accomplish. This challenge applies to all business genres. The book provides valuable, lessons for all leadership and participants on these teams.

    This book is also of high value for executive who are responsible for multiple programs and projects to help select and mentor their leaders.

    In addition, I endeavor to provide students of business valuable tools for their future leadership. I believe this early insight will help propel these talented men and women to the front of their line.

    I look forward to comments and questions from all readers! I will regularly visit this blog to answer questions and share events.

    This book may be purchased through CRCpress, Amazon/books and Barnes & Noble

    Thank you and the best of luck with your pursuits,

    Thomas Pavelko


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